Joe Grooming believes in The Power of Confidence™ and our Get One, Give One™ movement wants everyone to start their day with a hot shower and a high-quality bar of soap. Access to personal hygiene products isn’t a luxury—it’s a basic human need that enables us to prevent illness and begin each day with confidence.

Joe Grooming is a caring and innovative brand in the men’s professional grooming industry that brings people together through one of our core values – giving back. In 2011, our social commitment lead us to launched the Get One, Give One™ movement as we partnered with an emergency disaster relief center after an EF5 tornado struck and devastated a community in Joplin, MO. Reports indicated 158 known deaths were directly linked to the storm, with over 1000 people injured and more than 8,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. It was the deadliest U.S. tornado since 1947. Having lived in St. Louis, our family knew first hand what it meant when the tornado sirens sounded throughout our community. After learning of this tragic event and seeing the images of devastation on the news, we immediately knew Joe Grooming needed to get involved.

Next, we expanded our efforts by building relationships with several established non-profit humanitarian organizations in Northern Virginia, where Joe Grooming is headquartered, to help support their efforts in providing assistance to individuals who were going through challenging times with Joe Grooming ONE product for men. The Get One, Give One™ movement was designed so with every ONE product purchased Joe Grooming would donation another ONE to men in need. The movement was well received and positively impacted many men throughout these communities, but we learned many women and children were also receiving assistance from homeless shelters and food pantries where in-kind donations of personal care items were often forgotten about and so desperately needed. We knew, even as a small family own business, we could do more.

Joe Grooming’s social commitment goal for 2015 was to enhance the Get One, Give One™ movement in two ways: develop a new product for all people (not just men) and to expand the purchasing power of our compassionate consumers. As a result, the next generation of Get One, Give One™ movement was created with a newly developed product, Soap For All™ a (4 oz) cleansing bar that is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality naturally derived reprocessed ingredients found in premium soaps such as shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E. The packaging is eco-friendly too. Next, we expanded the consumer’s purchasing power so when ANY product from our complete line of men’s professional grooming products is purchased (except travel size) a bar of Soap For All™ is donated to one of our Giving Partners for distribution to their clients receiving assistance.

Together, with our compassionate consumers and Giving Partners, we are raising the bar on personal hygiene and empowering confidence in communities across America and globally where we do business, one bar of Soap For All™ at a time.

Dan Kliska