In communities across America and right in our own hometowns, there are men, woman and children experiencing difficult times. At Joe Grooming, we asked ourselves, how could we get involved and make a difference even as a small business?

Joe Grooming took that question to the streets and discovered several local non-profit humanitarian organizations right in our own backyard in Northern Virginia where we are headquartered. We learned about the outstanding services and programs these organizations were providing to so many struggling individuals. We also learned where they needed additional support. For example, in-kind donations of food and clothing were often received on a regular basis, but donations of quality personal care items were often forgotten about and so desperately needed. A basic item like soap is such a necessity to protect against disease and infections, and we saw how often bars of soap were missing from many homeless shelters and food pantry shelves. We immediately knew Joe Grooming could help.

Joe Grooming Giving Partners are established community relief 501(c)3 non-profit humanitarian organizations such as food banks, food pantries and/or homeless shelters who are in communities across America supporting the needs of men, women and children who are going through challenging times. Joe Grooming Giving Partners have an outstanding reputation for humanitarian activities in their field of service, they have capacity and resources to receive delivery, store and distribute Joe Grooming Soap for All™ cleansing bars several times a year, over a multi-year partnership. They are experts in their relief programs and know how to determine the appropriate amount of Soap For All™ needed per shipment to ensure our products are distributed responsibility. In addition, our Giving Partners provide us with feedback pertaining to the Get One, Give One™ movement, which enables us to continuously improve our efforts.